Apple Vision Pro is challenged with a high rate of returns

Apple’s Vision Pro spatial computers are facing criticism as users encounter difficulties and a lack of immersive experiences, Bloomberg reports. Critics highlight concerns over the headset’s weight, interface issues, and its high price, drawing comparisons to Apple’s earlier first-generation products.

In a departure from previous Apple launches, the Vision Pro has seen a notable number of returns, even among dedicated Apple fans and early technology adopters. Sources at retail stores report return rates ranging from average to above average, with smaller locations processing one to two returns per day, while larger stores handle over eight.

Some users express frustration over the limited availability of applications, despite Apple’s reported 600 new apps at the time of the product’s launch. Notably, prominent entertainment platforms such as YouTube and Netflix have not shown interest in developing native apps for the device. However, there have been recent developments, with TikTok releasing its Apple Vision Pro app, described as “reimagined.”

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